Rubys Nails: A Gemstone-Inspired Nail Trend

Rubys nails are a trendy and eye-catching manicure style that takes inspiration from the vibrant and captivating beauty of rubies, one of the most prized gemstones. With their deep red hue and striking sparkle, rubies symbolize love, passion, and elegance. If you want to adorn your nails with the allure of this gemstone, here are some ideas for creating stunning Rubys nail designs:

1. Ruby Red Base: The foundation of Rubys nails is a rich, deep red nail polish that mimics the color of rubies. Choose a high-quality nail polish in a shade that closely resembles the intense red hue of a ruby gemstone. Apply two coats of the red polish to ensure an opaque and vibrant base.

2. Glitter Accents: Add a touch of sparkle and glamour to your Rubys nails by incorporating glitter accents. After applying the red base coat, use a fine nail art brush or a toothpick to apply a clear or red glitter polish to selected areas of the nails. You can create various designs, such as a glitter gradient, glitter tips, or accent nails with full glitter coverage. The combination of the rich red color and the sparkling accents will make your nails truly dazzling.

3. Gemstone Nail Art: Take your Rubys nails to the next level by creating gemstone-inspired nail art. Use a thin nail art brush or a dotting tool to draw small gemstone shapes on the nails. Start by painting a diamond or rectangular shape with a silver or gold metallic polish to represent the setting of the ruby. Then, using a fine brush, add small red gemstone-like details inside the shape to represent the ruby itself. Finish with a top coat to seal the design and add shine.

4. Matte Finish: For a modern and sophisticated twist on Rubys nails, consider adding a matte top coat. Apply the matte top coat over the red base color and any glitter accents. The matte finish adds an understated elegance to the look, creating a contrast between the smooth matte texture and the sparkling accents. This combination of matte and sparkle will make your Rubys nails stand out even more.

5. Ruby Nail Embellishments: If you want to take your Rubys nails to the next level, consider adding ruby-inspired nail embellishments. These can include small rhinestones, studs, or nail jewelry in red or clear colors that resemble the sparkle of rubies. Apply them strategically to accentuate certain areas of the nail design, such as the base of the nail or along the cuticle line. This will add depth and dimension to your Rubys nails, making them look even more luxurious.

Remember to complete your Rubys nails with a clear top coat to seal the design and extend the wear of your manicure. Additionally, proper nail care is important to maintain the health and strength of your nails. Moisturize your cuticles regularly and protect your nails with a base coat before applying any polish.

With Rubys nails, you can capture the enchanting beauty of rubies and showcase it on your fingertips. Whether you opt for a simple and elegant red base or get creative with glitter accents and gemstone-inspired nail art, your Rubys nails will make a bold and captivating statement. So embrace the allure of this gemstone-inspired trend and let your nails shine with the beauty of rubies.


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